Hello my name is Justin Marshall. I like Star Wars.

It has been a bridge towards many happy moments with friends and family.

It has brought me many new friends and family members every year.

I can’t remember a time not knowing what Star Wars was.

I also can’t remember a time were I didn’t have a toy that helped me transport to A Galaxy Far Far away(even if it were a hand me down from older cousins).

Nothing transports you to that Galaxy Far Far away like holding a high quality Laser Sword!.

So welcome to the SaberBay!

At The SaberBay we like to fly casual….

Not that I don’t take my business seriously, I just never want to lose that sense of fun and amazement I got 6 years ago when I entered this hobby. I was in search of ways to repair and upgrade the $120 lightsabers I purchased from a Borders book store that just couldn’t take a beating.

This lead me to learn many new skills in electronics, machining and metal finishing.

Now it is my full time job to Run The Saberbay from Portland Oregon

Now my focus is to bring products to market and distribute high quality parts and hilts for other Jedi/Sith in training.

One rule only at The Saberbay.

No. Grey. Jedi.

Thank you for stopping by!