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About The Saber Smith

I have been obsessed with Star Wars since I was a child. I was born Post Rotj and my early childhood suffered from the drought of merchandise between 88-93.
I had hand me down figures and ships, ones I bought at antique stores, ones I found in my cousins yard. All of these figures missed one thing though....Their Lightsabers, since then and until now I have obsessed over this tool of the Jedi/Sith and I have searched and found the best ways to make them come to life. I have thoroughly enjoyed building them for myself and mostly others.
The look on peoples faces when they wield a well built Lightsaber for the first time is what drives me to build more and more.
The drive to make and produce exactly what I want is strong....strong as Anakin in the Force, but the drive to build EXACTLY what someone else wants for them, is Stronger.

Thank You and I will be glad to Help you.

Justin Marshall