This is a basic cost guide to give you an estimate to what it would cost to make your saber dreams come true

To Get A Custom Estimate Please Email me at

Listed below are the lowest cost of LABOR ONLY for me to install a premium Plecter Labs soundboard in your saber

Before emailing me for an estimate please have a good idea of the options you would like and what parts you already have. I will send you an itemized invoice so you can understand the cost.


The lower cost below are if your saber is ready for a basic install, meaning the speaker, battery, recharge port, switch or switches and LED are wired and ready to be wired to the board. The Higher cost is an estimate for adding customization to your saber like and not limited to; Powder coating, accent led lights, custom font sounds.

-Nano Biscotte/ NB: $100-250

-Petite Crouton/ PC: $170-275

-Prizm Board: $170-275

-Crystal Focus/ CF: $200-350

Proffieboard/Teensy: $200-350

-Crystal Chambers set up or Build: 300-600$(Low cost if it is a 3d printed plastic or metal one, high cost is if it is machined from scratch. Cost is Only for the labor)

-Tear Down Fee When you send me a saber with electronics already in it and I must uninstall some or all of them to upgrade your saber: $25



Cost of parts are due before work is started.
Labor cost due within 4 days of sabers completion
A 2% fee will be added per day that payment is late

Expected Project start and completion time will be listed in invoice and is subject to change to and earlier or later date.
LAST MINUTE(once work is started after options confirmed) changes will result in longer build times and an extra $40 fee

Shipping and insurance will be USPS

60 Day limited Warranty, anything after that subject to fees

Warranty does not include damage caused by (1) acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper handling, commercial use or modifications of this product, or normal wear and tear; (2) improper operation or maintenance of this product; or (3) attempted repair by any other party than myself or an ISG member. This Limited Warranty does not apply where it is determined by an ISG member or me that there is no fault with the Product itself. Repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty may, at ISG Member’s discretion, or mine be carried out at the owner's expense.

Insurance will be offered before shipping each saber, if you reject the cost I am not responsible for any loss or damage in shipping

I am not responsible for cost of return shipping.

I do not warrant electronics, such as soundboards, batteries and leds, as these are all items I did not create.

Sound Board repairs need to be performed by their manufacturers or authorized repair providers. You will be responsible for any fees  including shipping. 

I do not warrant paint or powder coat jobs done by myself or someone else after they pass initial inspection upon receiving the item as finishes naturally wears and fades

Attempts to repair yourself will void the warranty.
Warranty is non transferable