The Dark Lord Vader ROTS Hilt Kit

The Dark Lord Vader ROTS Hilt Kit

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Choose from A or B grade.

B grade will have 1-2 very minor finish flaws in the black anodizing that could be touched up with black gloss paint or a marker

Expertly designed chassis by GOTH 3D Design to install electronics and instructions can be found here:

LIMITED EDITION "Dark Lord Kit" by Wattos Junkyard and Saberbay

Hilt modeled after the Master Replicas prop and able to accept electronics.

These are from a limited sold out run that took place this year.

Comes with all pieces to assemble the kit.

Has a vented pommel for sound and non vented fort static display use.

Comes with 2 blade holders.

One for 1" and one for 7/8"

Also comes with dual tactile switch assembly that can be wired to a soundboard.

There is 3d printed electronic chassis's available for this hilt on shapways.

Ships in collector box

Instructions for assembly

1. The greeblies to the shroud need to be glued. There are two different greeblies for the inside of the shroud: one for the 1 in emitter and one for a 7/8 in emitter. Make sure to use the correct one before glueing it. It depends on which upper section of the main body you choose.

2. The domino greeblie underneath the shroud is mounted by magnets. Four are to be glued into the upper part of the main body and four are to be glued inside the holes at the back of the domino greeblie. Due to the fact that the hilt is chrome plated the tolerances for those magnets might be a little tight on some hilts. Before pushing those in and glueing those magnets you might need to take a 3mm drill and enlarge the existing holes. It's pretty easy.

3. Underneath the domino greeblies are two centered holes. One is meant for heat sink retention and one for chassis retention. It's up to your install, if you use those.

4. There are two copper greeblies next to the domino greeblie. It's a press fit into the main body. Anyway you can also use a 2mm drill and enlarge the two existing holes a little to glue them down. I recommend that.

5. You will receive a small piece of black wire. It's meant to secure the lever inside the box.

6. 1 inch emitter. If you choose to use the 1 inch emitter the alignment of the covertec might vary. Some light sanding of the male and female threads of the main body might be necessary in order to ensure perfect covertec alignment.

7. You will receive a copper and brass heat sink. If you use an inhilt led setup make sure to use the copper heat sink.

*****will have 1-2 tiny imperfections in the black finish unnoticeable to most if at all*****

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