Intromnia Install Chassis Kit
Intromnia Install Chassis Kit
Intromnia Install Chassis Kit
Intromnia Install Chassis Kit
Intromnia Install Chassis Kit
Intromnia Install Chassis Kit

Intromnia Install Chassis Kit

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Chassis Options
Full Install Kit

Install chassis for the Saberbay Intromnia hilt. This chassis is designed specifically for this hilt and not compatible with other hilt designs. 
The chassis is 3D printed in two parts in black PLA+ filament.
Each chassis will include the removable battery contacts, and tactile switches required for install. Please note that the tactile switches come in two versions, one with neopixel accent LED's and one without; empty chassis kits will include NONPIXEL switches and full parts chassis kits will include PIXEL switches.

This is a removable chassis design that, when completed, will stay affixed into the pommel of the hilt. Please watch this helpful instructional video from Jimmy's Saber Junk for some instructions on how to assemble this part. Video link here

Chassis design can be ordered in multiple variations. Please read the descriptions carefully and make sure you are buying the correct version you want to use.
-CFX, Proffie, GHV3, and Verso soundboards
-Removable 18650 or 21700 sized battery(uses provided spring loaded contacts)
-SCW Tactile Switch PCB (Pixel or non Pixel version)
-NPXL shortpin connector (V3 or Eco)
-High amp killswitch
-28mm bass speaker
-KR Sabers/TCSS OLED optional add on
-BTF Accent Pixel LED for crystal chamber
-Resin printed long or short crystal(or you can use your own)

When wiring up your chassis it is recommended to wire up your speaker first. The secondary piece of the chassis will hold your pixel accent LED, which will need to be wired up and secured to the resin printed crystal and affixed to the bottom of that chassis part. The accent LED wiring will need to pass through the open wire channel and underneath the speaker to run the wires through to your soundboard. Secure that part to the main body using E6000. The rest of the install can be done as you see fit.

Full install kits can be ordered to include all required parts electronics for your install.
FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-Proffieboard V3.9 or CFX
-removable KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A or KeepPower 21700 5000mah 20A
-assembled NPXL V3 shortpin hiltside connector
-Two SCW PXL tactile switches(Neopixel version)
-high amp killswitch
-28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker
-OLED screen if OLED option is chosen(note that OLED's are not available for 21700 battery versions)
-One BTF neopixel accent LED
-One resin printed crystal 

You will need your own tools and wiring to do this build, please refer to your soundboard's manual for wiring schematics and proper instructions.
Proffie board versions will include our preconfigured soundboards. Users are responsible for their own editing and configuration changes.
CFX boards will not be preconfigured and will need the user to download their own configuration files.
GHV3 and Verso soundboard will have factory default settings and configurations.

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