Survivor Crystal Chamber Install Chassis V2.0 Twist N' Click Version

Survivor Crystal Chamber Install Chassis V2.0 Twist N' Click Version

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Full Parts Kit
Survivor hilt compatibility:
-Second run of Survivor hilts (2023)
-Single hilt variation
-Damaged grip variation
-Crossguard variation
-Crossguard + quick disconnect variation (long grip section)
-Quick disconnect staff variation (long grip section)

3D printed install chassis for the Saberbay Survivor hilt, not intended for any other hilt designs.
Chassis is printed in up to 6 different parts. Also includes resin printed crystal
1. Emitter PCB holder
2. Upper chassis section
3. Board holder
4. Crystal chamber
5. Rotating chamber part(requires use of motor)
6. Battery/OLED/speaker holder

Parts list for install:
-CFX or Proffie soundboard
-NPXL shortpin connector (V3 or ECO)
-1.5mm brass tactile switch (included with chassis print)
-6-Trace Rotary chassis PCB set
-Thin neck PCB set
-single pixel accent for crystal chamber illumination
-DIY motor 46RPM for rotating chamber part (optional)
-high amp killswitch
-removable 18650 battery(spring loaded contacts included)
-28mm bass speaker
-OLED screen (TCSS, KR, or Saberbay version compatible)
-Bluetooth BT909 breakout board (for compatible versions)

Full parts kit includes:
-choice of soundboard (CFX or ProffieV3.9)
-NPXL V3 shortpin unassembled connector
-Thin Neck PCB set unassembled
-6-Trace Rotary Chassis PCB set unassembled
-single BTF pixel accent LED
-DIY 46RPM motor
-removable KeepPower 18650 button top 3000mah 15A protected cell
-high amp killswitch
-TCSS blue OLED screen
-Saberbay 28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker
-BT909 Bluetooth breakout board (for correct chassis option)