Survivor Install Compact Chassis V1.0 Twist N' Click Basic Version

Survivor Install Compact Chassis V1.0 Twist N' Click Basic Version

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Full Parts Kit

Survivor hilt compatibility:
-First run of Survivor hilts (2022)
-Second run of Survivor hilts (2023)
-Single hilt variation
-Damaged grip variation
-Crossguard variation
-Crossguard + quick disconnect variation
-Quick disconnect staff variation (long or short grip section)
-Staff variation with single grip

3D printed chassis design for The Survivor hilt. Not compatible with any other hilt design. 

This design is printed in three pieces.
This design is compatible with BOTH the single hilt and for staff configuration. You will require two sets of hilts and chassis designs for a staff.
Chassis design features Jimmy's Saber Junk's Twist N' Click capability, which allows chassis removal with a counter clockwise twist and release motion, and chassis retention achieved with the opposite motion.
Parts list for install:
-CFX, Proffie, GHV3 or Verso soundboard
-NPXL shortpin connector for emitter section
-Thin Neck PCB connector set
-6-Trace Rotary Chassis connector set
-removable 18650 battery(battery contacts included with chassis)
-single 1.5mm brass tactile switch(switch included with chassis)
-22mm Veco 4ohm/3W bass speaker
-high amp killswitch(optional)
-single BTF pixel accent(optional)

FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-CFX or Proffie V3.9
-NPXL V3 shortpin assembled connector
-Thin neck PCB unassembled
-6 Trace Rotary Chassis PCB unassembled
-high amp killswitch
-removable KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A protected cell
-Veco 22mm 4ohm/3W bass speaker
-single pixel accent LED