Republic Commando Installed *Made to Order*
Republic Commando Installed *Made to Order*

Republic Commando Installed *Made to Order*

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Fully installed Republic Commando

Please read all listing details and information below before purchasing.

This saber is installed with CFX, with Neopixel capability.

The chassis design is fully removable, using Jimmy’s Saber Junk design, 3D printed in black PLA+ filament. Chassis is inserted from the pommel, after unscrewing the pommel, and aligns perfectly in place within the hilt when fully inserted and pommel reattached. The chassis is removed by taking off the pommel and gently pushing the top of the chassis down through the emitter with your finger/hand, and grabbing the bottom of the chassis once it shows the pommel end and pulling the chassis out.

Full parts details below:

-CFX or soundboard option

-NPXL V3 Shortpin hiltside connector

-two button configuration(top for main, bottom for auxiliary)

-two pixel accent LED’s independently programmed for a red and green color(can be changed by the end user by their own programming)

-high amp killswitch

-removable 18650 KeepPower protected cell battery, 15A 3000mah, with custom battery wrap

-28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W speaker   

This listing is for the installed saber and box only, no other parts not described in this listing are included, please allow up to 4-5 weeks for installation.