1" blade plug Spring Loaded Graflex
1" blade plug Spring Loaded Graflex

Graflex 1" Blade Plug

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1” Graflex blade plug
Center brass piece pushes down and springs back up just like the original Graflex flash bulbsocket does

Make any saber with 1” blade holder looker even cooler on display

No custom heights this are pre built

These are modular and unscrew in the middle
The comes standard 42mm tall
Unscrewing the bottom half makes
It 23mm tall (measuring the blade material not the brass pin. Brass pin extends 7.5mm)

The NeoPixel Version is 45mm tall(due to adding the npxl blade side pcb and Custom pcb holder)

A great piece to make your Graflex light saber accurate

**As with all blades or blade plugs these may require light sanding for desired fit since most blade holders on hilts are not exactly the same, which is done by holding with sand paper and twisting the plug for an even material removal **

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