GoldenHarvest V3
GoldenHarvest V3

GoldenHarvest V3

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From SaberTec you can now bring your own custom lightsaber alive by giving it a Golden Harvest heart! Allow us to provide you an unique experience and lift you into another galaxy!

This board will not require programming. You can make adjustments via the SD card.
The popular online configurator of the old version of the Golden Harvest will soon be available also for the GH v3 including a preview animation for Neopixel effects! To check out the full set of features of our Golden Harvest board, visit

The Quick Setup Guide and the manual can be found here

All boards are fully tested before shipping. Saberbay or SaberTec cannot be held responsible for any damage that arises from a faulty install or use of the board.

The sad card will be loaded with both configurations for your to choose one, for in hilt led illumination and pixel strip illumination.

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