Dark Matter Install Chassis
Dark Matter Install Chassis
Dark Matter Install Chassis

Dark Matter Install Chassis

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Full Parts Kit
This is the install chassis for the Saberbay/Laredo Sabers 'Dark Matter' saberstaff.
The chassis is printed in two pieces.
This is a static chassis that is fixed into the ends of the grip section, and are accessed by removing the emitters from each end and sliding them off the hilt.

Parts list for install:
-CFX or Proffie soundboard
-2x NPXL shortpin hilt side connector(V3 or ECO version)
-4x 1.5mm brass tactile switches(switches are provided with the chassis)
-18650 removable battery(spring loaded contacts are provided with the chassis, Option 1)
-high amp killswitch(optional)
-22mm Veco 4ohm/3W bass speaker

FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-choice of soundboard (CFX, ProffieV3.9)
-qty. 2 assembled NPXL V3 shortpin hiltside connector
-qty.1 KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A button top protected cell or 21700 5000mah battery
-qty. 1 high amp killswitch
-qty.1 Veco 22mm 4ohm/3W bass speaker
-custom cut strip of double sided pixel strips for mid section

Please note that the chassis has specific alignment requirements with the hilt, and you will notice there are holes near the base of the chassis pieces that line up with the retention screws provided with the hilt.
You can add your own neopixel LED strips in the middle of the saberstaff to illuminate the grip section. Please refer to your soundboard's user manual for wiring diagrams and proper instructions.

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