STL FILE Korbanth SK2 Gen1 Install Chassis
STL FILE Korbanth SK2 Gen1 Install Chassis

STL FILE Korbanth SK2 Gen1 Install Chassis

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This is an STL file for the chassis design specific for the listed saber in the description. Not intended for use for any other saber. 
After purchase, you will be sent an email with a ZIP file containing all required files for this chassis design. Please download the ZIP file to your desktop for proper use.
This purchase is for a single use of this design on your personal saber, and unauthorized reuse or distribution of these files are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of your account and/or future purchases with Saberbay.

Chassis design for the Korbanth SK2 (1st Gen. only). Will also work for the gold and silver SE versions of the hilt). Chassis designed by Jimmy's Saber Junk.

3D printed in black PLA + filament. Printed in 3 parts, main body, speaker pod, and speaker ring to be glued onto the end of the speaker after installation.

-Proffie or GoldenHarvestV3

-Removable 18650 battery using spring side negative battery contacts(provided with physical chassis print, Option 1 in the store)

-NPXL V3 shortpin connector

-high amp killswitch

-1.3mm recharge port(style B in the store)

-removable speaker pod for 28mm bass speaker and SCW SPKR PCB connector set Type 1

-single pixel accent for jewel illumination

To access the board when all wired up in the hilt, simply undo the chassis retention screws and slide the chassis down a bit.
Lots of wiring room, dead easy to install.