STL FILE SithLord Sabers Menace Install Chassis GHV3

STL FILE SithLord Sabers Menace Install Chassis GHV3

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This is a digital file download for the STL file of this chassis, this is not a physical product and you are responsible for your own 3D printing. Saberbay is not liable for user printer issues or malfunction of equipment. 

This purchase is for a one time use of this product. This STL file is the intellectual property of Saberbay and not intended for unauthorized resale or distribution of these files. If you need to use the file again for an additional use(outside of needing to reprint due to a chassis break or other error), you will need to purchase the files again to be authorized to use them.

After purchase you will receive a one time digital download for this product, please do not click on the download link until you are able to use it. 
The download will be good for 24 hours after purchase. I will not reissue files for improper downloading or time expiration.

Board retention design is bespoke to Jimmy's Saber Junk and not to be replicated.

Install chassis for the SithLord Sabers Menace. Chassis design is from Jimmy's Saber Junk. Board retention design not to be replicated.
Physical chassis is printed in black PLA+ filament.
Fully removable if desired and when fully inserted provides a snug fit when aligned with the inner screws that hold the pyramid greeblies.
Chassis features:
-CFX, Proffie, GHV3, and Verso
-SCW Shortpin connector for the emitter
-two 1.5mm brass tactile switches(provided with physical chassis)
-spring loaded removable 18650 battery(Option 1 in the store, battery contacts provided with physical chassis)
-high amp killswitch
-22mm Veco bass speaker