Power Cell Canister
Power Cell Canister
Power Cell Canister

Power Cell Canister

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*Please read all information and disclaimers prior to purchase*
*Always exercise caution and proper handling of lithium ion batteries(batteries not included with this item*

Check out these new convenient storage capsules for 18650 batteries!
Inspired by the Jedi food capsules seen worn on their belts, these make for a new flashy way to carry your spare batteries around.
Easy to use and slide over your belt, the clips are made from stainless steel for strength and durability.
Available in 4 different color options:
-Polished aluminum
-Anodized Gunmetal
-Anodized Gold
-Anodized Copper

Each unit is sold individually (one per single quantity ordered), or you can purchase a 4 pack of one of every color for a slight discount!
Each single canister will also include 2 round rubber pieces. It is highly recommended to use at least one of these with your item to prevent any damage while using a battery.
Simply peel one of the sticker on the backside of one of the rubber washers and stick it to the inside of the end of the tube. This will prevent any possible bridged contact between both end of the capsule with the battery.
It is recommended to insert the negative (typically the flat side) of the battery first, and then screw on the cap to secure.

These will not work for batteries larger than an 18650 size, i.e. a 21700 sized battery.

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