Master Sentinel V2

The ultimate canvas for customization!
Now in stock!


Anakin Geonosis/Saesee Tiin Replica
Now in stock!

Creepy Uncle V4

Newest Luke TLJ Design from Denis Lukyanov
Saberbay/Laredo Sabers

'DSLA' The Darksaber

Live-action Darksaber Replica
New from Warsabers

Starkiller V4

Welcome to Saberbay!

Saberbay is a single person owned and operated small business located in Central California. I have been in the custom saber community since 2015, starting out as a collector and eventually moved to installations and commissions, before migrating to a more retail orientated scene with Saberbay's brand.

For product information and questions, please reach out to and I will do my best to assist you in your saber journey.
Due to a very busy schedule, I can not assist with DIY builds or installation advice, so please refer to the large supply of information that our wonderful saber community has to offer across various forums and saber building groups!

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