7-Trace Rotary Chassis PCB Set
7-Trace Rotary Chassis PCB Set
7-Trace Rotary Chassis PCB Set

7-Trace Rotary Chassis PCB Set

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Pre-Soldered Pins
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7 trace version of the rotary chassis PCB set. These are wider than the standard 6-trace version. Please make sure you have read the dimensions below.
Includes 13 pins. Unassembled or pre-soldered.
These are designed and manufactured by ShtokCustomWorx with the idea of using it as a way to have a removable chassis system.
So one chassis could either be used for multiple hilts and/or be removable for easier access to board and battery .

It is a DIY item and designers can use these in the future for their chassis designs. You can also design your own.
These support pixel builds, with pads for neopixel LED negative, neopixel LED positive, up to two separate data lines, up to two switch pads, one common ground pad, and a blade detection/id pad.

They support 15A drain continuous and 20A burst


Male and Female PCB OD: 23.6mm
PCB's are 1.6mm thick

with pins soldered:
4.7mm from bottom of pcb to tip of pin
3.4mm when they are compressed

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