MKVI Hero Install Chassis
MKVI Hero Install Chassis

MKVI Hero Install Chassis

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Full Parts Kit

3D printed basic install chassis for the LDM MKVI Hero hilt. This chassis is only designed and intended for this specific hilt.
Printed in 4 different parts; a main body, lower chassis, grenade section holder, and emitter PCB holder.

Parts list for install:
-CFX, Proffie or GHV3
-qty.2 NPXL shortpin connectors
-blade side PCB 
-Power/Speaker PCB set (larger version)
-high amp killswitch
-removable 18650 battery (Option 2 battery contacts provided)
-28mm bass speaker

FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-CFX, ProffieV3.9 or GHV3
-qty.2 assembled NPXL V3 shortpin connectors
-blade side PCB
-unassembled Power/Speaker PCB set
-high amp killswitch
-removable KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A protected cell
-28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker

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