PTFE High Temperature Wire

PTFE High Temperature Wire

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High temp PTFE wire. Sold in 1 foot increments. If ordering multiple quantities, please note the wire will still be cut into multiple 1 foot lengths.

Available in the following sizes and colors:

-22AWG(Black, White, Red)

-24AWG(Black, White, Red)

-26AWG(Black, White, Red)

-28AWG(Black, White, Red, Grey, Green, Blue)

-30AWG(Black, White, Red, Grey, Green, Blue)

Conductor: Silver-plated stranded copper wire

Insulation: Extruded PTFE Insulation, wall thickness .010 in (.25 mm)

Temperature Range: -65°C to +200°C (-85°F to +392°F)

Compliances: MIL-W-16878E/4 Type E, MIL-STD-104, Passes UL VW-Flame Test and Birdcage Test, RoHS Compliant

Features: Excellent thermal aging, solder damage, flame, and moisture resistance. Resists solvents, grease, ozone and other chemicals. Low power loss, ideal for high frequency applications.

Voltage Rating: 600 VAC

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