ShtokCustomWorx Switch PCB
ShtokCustomWorx Switch PCB

ShtokCustomWorx Switch PCB

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Tactile switch PCB's made by ShtokCustomWorx.

These are small profile PCB's designed for chassis designs which require tactile switches without the need to solder directly to the switch. 

Product dimensions are 11mmx6mmx3mm. Height is including the height of the tactile switch. Actual PCB material height is 1mm.

PCB has solder pads for both switch wires, one for actual switch to return to the switch pad on the soundboard, and the other for the ground, orientation does not matter.

Please refer to your soundboards manual for proper wiring diagrams for the wires to return to your soundboard. 

Small wire gauges of 30-32AWG are required for proper wiring installation.

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