2nd run of JSJ Survivors now sold out!

2nd run of JSJ Survivors now sold out!

Thank you everyone for the support of the 2nd run of the Jimmy's Saber Junk Survivor/Crossguard run.
This was such a rewarding run to be apart of, and it would not have been possible without the help of our awesome customers especially for those preorders.
As of today, all Survivor hilts and crossguards have now been sold. Sorry for anyone who missed the opportunity to pick one up.
I will have some extra hilts in reserve saved for personal projects that will go up for sale at some point, likely as fully installed and weathered versions.


  • Branden loetz

    Really hoping to purchase this saber- will there be more available in the future?

  • Raj

    I’d also be very interested in a 3rd run, or at least just the crossguard and pommel pieces!

  • HarmB

    Will there be a third run of the jedi survivors hilt any time soon? Or is there a chance I can still buy one, because i’d love to build the saber for myself.

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