Saberbay DarkSaber Empty DIY FX Prop Kit

Saberbay DarkSaber Empty DIY FX Prop Kit

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This is the empty hilt kit for the Saberbay Darksaber. Please read all information in the listing prior to purchase.
This is an accurate replica of the Darksaber hilt from the Mandalorian, based on extensive research and documentation from many individuals as documented on the original run on the RPF forums.
Since it's initial release, these new versions have a new powdercoated finish intended to represent the most recent version from Season 3 of the show.
This is intended as a very user based DIY kit with lots of parts required to make a fully accurate model, so if you are not comfortable with these type of tasks, please hire a third party professional to do this for you.
What is included with the empty hilt kit:
-Saberbay Darksaber with full powdercoated finishes
-Goth3D chassis which can be used for CFX or Proffie
-alternate pommel (can choose between vented or static prop look)
-metal bladesleeve holder for blade plug use
-acrylic blade plug with small SK6812 RGBW LED strip (needs to be sanded to fit the sleeve)
-acrylic emitter window inserts (will require sanding to fit through the slots)
-custom PCB's for installation; hilt side PCB w/pins, 2 blade side PCB's, switch PCB for chassis install
-control box piece with included printed parts for switch actuator assemblies
-magnets for switch box use and for use in the chassis
-printed black emitter greeblies (will require sanding to press fit or glue in place)
-pommel greeblies for static and vented pommels (may require sanding for press fit or glue in place)
-set screws for emitter blade retention and metal blade sleeve retentions
-set of allen wrenches

Due to the nature of powdercoating, some hilts may have minor imperfections and we can not guarantee an absolutely perfect hilt every time. If you are unsatisfied with the finish of the hilt, please reach out to discuss returns as exchanges will not be given.

Full Parts Kit options will include:
-CFX or Proffieboard V3.9
-single pixel accent for crystal chamber illumination
-high amp killswitch
-removable KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A protected cell
-TCSS blue OLED screen
-28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker

Check out instructional guide from Goth3D for installing the chassis HERE

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