TXQ Revan Saber
TXQ Revan Saber
TXQ Revan Saber
TXQ Revan Saber
TXQ Revan Saber
TXQ Revan Saber

TXQ Revan Saber

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Revan style saber made by TXQ installed with their stock SNV4 PRO electronics. Please note that the leather wrap is included separately and not attached, you will need to apply the leather yourself if you plan on having the wrap on the grip.
Uses a two button setup uses the small brass switches located near the emitter. 
Takes 1" blades for the emitter.

Full saber kit includes:
-fully installed saber with electronics
-36" neopixel blade in the correct size for the saber
-removable battery charger
-blade plug
-acrylic display stand
-extra tool kit
-instructional manual

Please refer to the photos for example of how the electronics chassis are accessed.
SNV4 soundboard features include:
-Flash on clash
-gesture controls
-smooth swing
-blade lockup
-blade color adjustment
-removable battery and chassis core
SD card is a 32GB size
Speaker: 24mm 4Ohm/3W
Battery: 3.7V 3200mah unprotected 18650 cell
Up to 27 sound fonts included, customizable through the SD, also includes 12 preset blade colors, 9 different blade effects and 11 boot effect options

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