WS2812C-2020 Mini LED Strips
WS2812C-2020 Mini LED Strips

WS2812C-2020 Mini LED Strips

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Pixel Strip Length (In # of Pixels)
Installer recommended mini accent pixel strips, for chassis accent lighting, side blades, and more!
These are a more reliable and durable version of the mini LED strips, and feature a more densely populated array of pixels per mm of length!
For comparison, a 15 LED array of pixels on these strips is the same length as the 10 pixel length option for the previous version.

These measure 4mm in width, available in pixel lengths of 5,10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pixels.
(Please note these are cut to order as they come in a full roll)

For length measurements, every 5 pixels is approximately 16.5mm in length, so please order accordingly based on your needs.

The backs of these strips have a backing that peels off, and solder pads located every 5 pixel lengths.
These do not have a sticky backing underneath the brown paper.

The solder pads are for basic pixel blade wiring:
+(plus) is for positive wiring
D(data) is for data line
-(negative) is for negative wiring

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