89Sabers Luke V2 Basic Install Chassis

89Sabers Luke V2 Basic Install Chassis

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Full Parts Kit
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Install chassis for the 89Sabers Luke V2 ROTJ saber. Not intended for any other saber design. 3D printed and designed by Jimmy's Saber Junk. 
Printed in 4 separate parts.
The switch holder piece for the clamp card section requires two 6x6x4.3mm tactile switches, which need the legs on one side of both switches completely cut off. The top part of the switch holder can be sanded down to get the appropriate tactile response.

Parts list for install:
-CFX, Proffie, or GHV3
-NPXL shortpin hiltside connector (for emitter)
-Thin Neck PCB connector set
-two 6x6x4.3mm tactile switches (included with chassis)
-removable 18650 battery (contacts included with chassis)
-high amp killswitch
-28mm bass speaker

FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-Proffieboard V3.9
-NPXL ECO V3 shortpin hiltside connector (unassembled)
-Thin Neck PCB set (unassembled)
-removable KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A battery
-high amp killswitch
-28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker

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