Force Ghost Chassis PCB Set
Force Ghost Chassis PCB Set
Force Ghost Chassis PCB Set

Force Ghost Chassis PCB Set

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Pre-soldered Pins
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This is the PCB set required for the Force Ghost Qui Gon Jinn saber chassis. 
Each set includes a rounded PCB which is used in the battery holder part, and a squared PCB which is soldered to the five spring loaded pins.
Each pin is rated for up to 11A. 
The PCB layout has descriptive indicators of which wires go to each pad.
BAT+ is for the battery positive wire, and the NPXL connector positive wire.
SWTH is for one of the switch wires from the single button.
NPX- is for the NPXL connector negative wires.
DATA is for the NPXL connector data line wire.
BAT- is for the battery negative wire.

To solder your pins to the square PCB, pre-tin the longer pads and align the pin so it will lay flat, and use your soldering iron to heat up the pin from the top, while holding it over the corresponding pad. This should melt the solder on the pad and join the pin to the pre-tinned pad.

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