Straight Talker Basic Install Chassis
Straight Talker Basic Install Chassis

Straight Talker Basic Install Chassis

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Full Parts Kit

Basic install chassis for the Straight Talker Yaddle hilt. This chassis is 3D printed and does not include any parts not listed with this chassis. Designed by Jimmy's Saber Junk.
This is a fully removable chassis that is used in conjunction with the Straight Talker's pommel part, which has a small retention screw built in. This is for proper alignment of your switch after installation with the switch plunger in the hilt.
For board retention, you will need E6000 or another viable adhesive to keep the board in place.

Parts list required for install:
-Proffie or GHV3
-NPXL shortpin hiltside connector (V3 or ECO compatible)
-single 1.5mm brass tactile switch (included with the chassis print)
-removable 18650 battery
-high amp killswitch (optional but recommended)
-22mm or 24mm size speaker (please select the desired size)

FULL PARTS KIT includes:
-choice of soundboard (ProffieV3.9, GHV3)
-qty. 1 assembled NPXL V3 shortpin hiltside connector
-qty.1 KeepPower 18650 3000mah 15A button top protected cell
-qty. 1 high amp killswitch
-qty.1 Veco 22mm or 24mm 4ohm/3W bass speaker

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